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U.S. scientists want Congress to look into complaints of racial profiling in China Initiative

Representative Jamie Raskin (D—MD) chairs a House panel with jurisdiction over civil rights abuses. Matt Rourke/AP By Jeffrey MervisFeb. 5, 2021 , 3:30 PM Scientists and civil rights organizations are ramping up pressure on Congress and President Joe Biden’s administration to examine whether the U.S. government has been unfairly targeting Chinese-American researchers in an effort to […]

Prozac turns guppies into ‘zombies’

Phanie/Alamy Stock Photo By Warren CornwallFeb. 9, 2021 , 7:01 PM Prozac might need a new warning label: “Caution: This antidepressant may turn fish into zombies.” Researchers have found that long-term exposure to the drug makes guppies act more alike, wiping out some of the typical behavioral differences that distinguish them. That could be a […]

China’s Tianwen-1 enters Mars orbit

The first picture of Mars captured by Tianwen-1, taken 2.2 million kilometers away Xinhua/Xinhua via Getty Images By Paul VoosenFeb. 10, 2021 , 10:40 AM After a half-year journey, China’s Tianwen-1 robotic spacecraft—the country’s first interplanetary mission—today successfully entered orbit around Mars, the China National Space Administration confirmed. The arrival was first reported by amateur […]

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